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Julia Jones more affectionately known as Mrs. Julia made a career of servicing the beauty needs of many local celebrities and dignitaries.  Credited with introducing the hair weave to Los Angles in the early 1970’s, she educated hundreds of local beauticians in the thread-weave technique also known as “the undetectable hair-weave.” Quoting from her famous ad campaign, “Only the hairdresser knows for sure.”


“My goal has always been to enhance the total beauty of each and every client from head to toe, so that they feel only the best about themselves.” This is why she says she has always kept her salon stylists and other staff members focused on being brilliant at the basics of total beauty care. “Everyone is beautiful and our job, as skilled beauty professionals, is to highlight and showcase the unique beauty that is within each and every client so they can maximize their beauty potential and self-esteem,” says Jones.  With a great desire to teach, Jones says she continues to share, giving lessons to anyone who wants to help others look and feel confident.

Although her initial service focused on servicing weaves of all types, Jones says she learned early on in her career that total beauty care would be the key to success, which is why the salon also offers spa treatments such as manicures, pedicures and aesthetics. Julia says she feels Blessed to have been able to implement unique beautification techniques that continue to put smiles on customer’s faces. Since it first opened, Julia’s Hair Weev Salon has proclaimed itself a community landmark with a unique approach to beauty. She says the salon lives up to the slogan: “Maximize your Beauty and you will Maximize your Potential” Now with a new staff and management team... a new and professional Julia’s staff continues the tradition to provide world class beauty services to the greater Los Angeles Area.

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