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When Mrs. Julia started Julia's Hair Weev Salon, Inc. 43 years ago (with just a penny and a prayer) she struggled to think about a business name that could be unique enough to make a difference. For months she Prayed to find a name that she could showcase and market within the highly competitive and brand cluttered market of Los Angeles, California. As she thought about the brand name more she got closer to a solution. Upon her offical filing and registration of the business name she spelled weave "WEEV " and the rest is history.  The brand name eventually became a subject of study in beauty college curriculum related to branding and trademark law. Long story short this unique brand name gained favor and allowed Mrs. Julia to become recognized as the local "Weave" Queen. Even today many are fascinated with her undetectable hair weave technology. 

Learn more about Mrs. Julia on the business history page.

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Hours of Operation: Monday – Saturday, 9 a.m. – 8 p.m.; Sunday & After Hours by Appointment

About Us

Maximize your potential when you visit Julia's HAIR Salon.  We are a full service salon that  emphasizes total beauty care.  Our use of healthy products are more effective in enhancing style, beauty and long term hair health.  We are proud to offer this high quality with low rates. Come by and relax in an upscale and luxurious atmosphere where the ambiance is known to be therapeutic, relaxing and fulfilling.   See various hair style looks on the service/pictures page. 

Our clients come from all over Los Angeles including Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Baldwin hills and Ladera Heights.

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